Free New Moon Circle

May 7th 7-8pm EST

How to create a connection to yourself, your energetics, and the divine, in a space that won't make you feel like a weirdo.

In May's special circle:

Joining us this month will be Andrea Crisp, former Pastor turned spiritual empowerment coach. Andrea is opening up about her evolution through religion, healing after recognizing her church (and the set of beliefs that came with it) weren’t what she wanted to believe in, and finding her sense of spirituality that felt true, grounded, and filled with love.
As someone who is working through her own religious trauma, I found so much comfort in Andrea’s story and knew I needed to bring her to you. Join us to explore what life can look like for you after evolving in your religious and spiritual beliefs!

→Learn what it means to co-create with the Universe/God/Source for flow, trust, and surrender.

→Connect with other woman who are spiritually curious in a space that's safe, sacred, and inspirational.

Co-Create is a space for you to find your people and lean into new spiritual practices to truly co-create with the Universe/God/Source.

You'll gain the tools and knowledge to understand what it REALLY means to lean into the universal laws and become magnetic, all while being held by massive feminine energy.

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